Our Story

Quality of Life Trust - Practical Help for Older People

The Quality of Life Charitable Trust is a company limited by guarantee and started life in 1989 as the Orbit Housing Charitable Trust Limited. We became a registered charity at the beginning of 1990, subsequently shortening our name to Orbit Charitable Trust (OCT).

Although legally independent, OCT maintained links with the Orbit Group through funding and partnership working, and provision of services. In particular, we managed a small grants programme amounting to £50,000 a year on their behalf. We added alternative funding streams outside of Orbit which enabled us to make grants to organisations and individuals throughout England.

The objects of the Trust were revised as part of a new, updated Articles of Association adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 1 June 2012. They include, but are not limited to:

  • The provision of financial and other support to charitable and other organisations and individuals to relieve poverty and hardship
  • Relieve elderly people in need
  • Develop the capacity and skills of members of the socially and economically disadvantaged
  • Relieve sickness and promote the preservation of health of persons suffering from mental or physical illness
  • Relieve unemployment
  • Advance in life, and relieve the needs of, young people.

We continue to work with Orbit Group, but no longer manage the grants programme which was taken in-house in June 2013.

Following this change in our role, we took the opportunity to re-think our future and, as part of drawing up this strategy, decided to adopt a new name of Quality of Life Charitable Trust to reflect our aims and aspirations.

Subsequently, we applied to the Charity Commission to formally approve the change in name and our new strategy was launched at an event in Leamington Spa in September 2014.

We are members of the Dementia Action Alliance, National Care Forum and Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.

Quality of Life Charitable Trust Strategy Document

Quality of Life Charitable Trust Strategy Document