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Quality of Life Trust - Practical Help for Older People

Providing direct help to people in greatest need has been a key part of our work since the Trust was founded in 1989. Often, a relatively small amount of money can make a big difference to someone’s life.

We have set aside £50,000 from our reserves into a designated fund for this purpose, but will need to generate income in the future as this money runs out if we are to continue support people in need. We have publicised the fund through citizen advice bureaux and religious bodies in our area of operation.

The grant application form and guidance notes are available for downloading from our website, so that applicants can apply electronically. We have made the process as simple as possible, but there are a few basic rules which we have set out, namely:

• We will focus on applications from the West Midlands

• Grants would be limited to a maximum of £500

• Grants must be taken up and claimed within three months of approval

• Applications for individuals must be sumbitted via a sponsoring body such as a community-based charity or organisation

• Applicants should show match funding or other bodies that have been approached for assistance

• Full documentary evidence of the need for a grant and quotations must accompany the application

• Applications must be for something tangible that “adds value” not renewals or replacements

We will consider applications at our quarterly meetings and ask that they be submitted at least 14 days before. The decision of trustees is final.

Please note that Trustees will not be considering grant applications until further notice.

A copy of the application form can be downloaded here and must be submitted either electronically or by post to the Trust Secretary.

Application Form (Excel Version)

Application Form (PDF Version)

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