Housing and care for the most vulnerable older people

In late 2010, in conjunction with Age UK Warwickshire, we engaged Riseborough Research & Consultancy Associates to carry out our first project. The work consisted of a programme of research and policy work using the format of ‘Inquiry’ and giving it a wide appeal.

The topic investigated was the needs of older people with dementia; mental illness and selected health related problems and the different ways in which organisations could join forces to respond to those needs.

The outputs provided detailed insights into the roles social housing providers could play in shaping and delivering future services. There are policy implications for local authorities, housing associations, older people’s organisations and for the wider third sector.

One of the key outcomes was to show how organisations can change their ways of delivering service by putting the customer at the heart through person centred working.

We believe that there are three good reasons why housing associations and older people’s organisations should consider what the project has to say:

  • Person centred working makes ethical and business sense. There is the capacity to make the public pound and social investment go further but, make no mistake, doing person centred working is not what all customers want
  • Person centred working is not possible without full scale organisational change to support and drive it. The changes have to incorporate changes in staff and volunteers’ personal practice
  • All person centred changes don’t have to cost the earth. Small changes that cost little or nothing are highly effective

The project reports can be downloaded here:

Housing and care for the most vulnerable older people - Report            Resource Pack            Practice Papers