Helping smaller housing associations become dementia friendly

Associations who had worked with us during 2013 were keen to stay in touch and we asked researcher Moyra Riseborough to keep a watching brief to monitor their development in transforming into dementia friendly organisations.

Moyra, together with Adrian Jones, set out to work with four organisations to produce case studies, covering a range of initiatives:

  • Innisfree and Waltham Forest are both engaged in reminiscence work. In the case of Innisfree, which works with the Irish community in London, it will tell us how this can be made culturally specific. Each organisation is also at different points in their learning journey, but they often work together.
  • Racing Homes work also relates to a particular community based on a common background and they are at the start of a journey.
  • Heantun in Wolverhampton because it is located within a city that has signed up to being dementia friendly and the organisation has made the most significant progress of all.

We were able to track how they took up the challenge of being involved in local National Dementia Alliances following the learning event. The involvement could give them the relationships they are seeking with key decision makers and commissioners in health and social care. It would be interesting to follow their experiences up to see if the relationships prove helpful to their work.

Additionally, the Sutton Housing Society added to the work and it all came together in a further workshop in London in September 2014 where we shared experiences and enabled the third report to be published which is packed with good ideas and practical tips.

To read the report, click on the image:

Research Programme 2013 -14 Report

Good practice

As part of our work, we will be publishing from time to time good practice guides to help organisations become dementia friendly. We welcome feedback to enable us to shape our future work.

Please find below our latest good practice guides and a paper from Linda Milton of Waltham Forest Housing Association on setting up a local Dementia Action Alliance group.

Developing a dementia strategy

Room for Improvement

Training for Housing Staff

Setting up a local Dementia Action Alliance Group